7 - 9 October 2022: Group exhibition 'Layered realities'

Group exhibition organized by members of Meshprintclub in Huis van de Fotografie.


July & August 2022: Group exhibition 'Queens' Go Gallery Amsterdam

Group exhibition by GO Gallery in collaboration with Kimpton de Witt Hotel.


July & August 2022: Group exhibition 'Outside looking in' Mesh Print Club

Members of Mesh Print Club showed their work at the group expo 'Ouside looking in' at Heer Bokelweg 121, Rotterdam. 

April 2022: Art booster Neck of the woods III (Rotterdam)

Group exhibition 'Art Booster Rotterdam Noord' Neck of the Woods III gallery'. 

April & May 2022: Pop Gallery presents Brighton Rocks 2022

Group exhibition 'Brighton Rocks 2022' presented by POP Gallery UK.

April 2022: Group exhibition 'Eigenheimers' Kasteel van Rhoon (Rhoon, Netherlands)





December 2021: 1DROP POP UP (New York, US)

The collaboration 'Daydream flip' print I made with PØNK was on display at the popup artgallery by 1 DROP Gallery at Bar Primi in New York.

Release and exhibition 'Sophia' painting at Galleri Gunther (Stord, Norway)December 2021

Galleri Gunther released  a limited edition of my painting 'Sophia'. It is on diplay in the exhibition at AMFI Stord (Norway).


Ocotober 2021: Winner t-shirt design contest London International pasteup festival (London, UK)

The design I submitted for the first London International Pasteup Festival was one of the three winning t-shirt designs! 


August 2021: Secret Garden Nicholas Groente & Fruit (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

PØNK and I painted our 'Daydream flip' skatergirl painting at the Secret Garden at Nicholas Groente & Fruit. And a selection of my work is on display and for sale at the shop.


July 2021: Golden Ei Gallery (Weisweil, Germany)

A selection of my work is on display and for sale at Golden Ei Gallery.



June 2022: Release 'Forever blowing bubbles' print at 1DROP Gallery

My screenprint 'Forever blowing bubbles' is available at 1 DROP GALLERY. This handpulled print is a limited edition of 8 and is handfinished with spraypaint.


May 2022: Release 'Daydream Flip' at 1DROP Gallery

The collaboration print 'Daydream Flip' by HollyHock & PØNK  released 24 May 2022 at 1DROP Gallery. There is a handfinished main edition of 35 prints and a number of unique handfinished prints.


January 2022: Printrelease 'I know it's over' at Galleri Gunther (Stord, Norway)

The print is available in several limited editions (the pink main edition, the blue special 'glacies' edition and the orange 'sunset' special edition. There is also a number of handfinished prints available and a collab with Aleksander Gunther. For more info and inquiries please contact Galleri Gunther.