HollyHock Art

HollyHock is the alias of Mirjam Wagensveld (1975).  screenprinter and stencilart painter and live and work in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 


The alias 'HollyHock' is inspired by Alcea rosea, a flower which grows very well in an urban environment: "the colorful flowers in urban environments like Rotterdam and Amsterdam are similar to the appearance of colorful streetart in urban environments, and so my alias HollyHock was born". 


The 'femme fatale' is often a theme in my work. I mainly make colorful portraits of women, who often come across as somewhat mysterious; you don't know what they think. I make my work using different (mixed) techniques: with the stencil technique and with screen printing. Both are completely different techniques and it becomes even more fun when you combine these techniques. I make my work in small and limited editions.