'Femme fatale'

Painting made with stencilart technique and spraypaint.  60x80 cm 

'Daydream flip' 

This print is made after the original 'Daydream flip' painting which was a collab with PONK.  

'Forever blowing bubbles'

Handpulled two color screenprint, handfinished with spraypaint. Limited edition of 8.


Painting made for the 'Tribute to all queens' exhibition at the Go Gallery. Collaboration with PONK.

'Self portrait'

Two colour screenprint on paper. 20 x 20 cm. 


Three variant of my Geisha screenprints. Left: three color handpulled screenprint. Mounted on wood panel and handfinished with acrylic ink and posca pens. Middle: six colour handpulled screenprint. Limited edition of 1. Right: three colour screenprint handfinished with acrylic ink. 


Two color screeprint with the image of the beautiful Audrey Hepburn. Printed in a limited edition of 10. 


Three color screeprint with the image of the beautiful Blondie singer Debbie Harry. Printed in a limited edition of 12. 

'Graffiti amore'

'Graffiti amore' is a limited edition serie of eight handpulled screenprints on a spraypainted background. Made in 2017.