'Forever blowing bubbles'

 Handpulled screenprint printed on 250 gsm Fabriano paper and handfinished with spraypaint. Printed in  limited edition of 8. Available at 1DROP Gallery

'Femme fatale'

Painting made with hand-cut stencils and spraypaint on canvas (limited edition of 3). Available at 1DROP Gallery.

'Daydream flip'

Collaboration print HollyHock & PØNK. Handfinished screenprint with acrylic spraypaint on 352 gsm paper. Available at 1DROP Gallery

'Self portrait'

Two colour handpulled screenprint. Limited edition of 2.


Handpulled three colour screenprint mounted on wood panel and handfinished with acrylic ink. SOLD OUT

'Graffiti amore'

Handpulled screenprint and spraypaint with the image of Sophia Loren. Limited edition of 8. Available in my shop


Handpulled six colour screenprint on  220 gsm paper in a limited edition of 10. SOLD OUT


Handpulled screenprint and gold acrylic paint on wood panel (limited edition of 5). Available in my shop


Handpulled three colour screenprint with the image of Debbie Harry (limited edition of 10).

'I know it's over'

Print release based on my earlier pop art painting. Available at Gunther Galleri.


Collaboration painting HollyHock & PØNK for the QUEENS exhibition at Go Gallery

'Linda Evangelista'

Stencilart painting. 


'I know it's over'

Painting on 60x80 cm canvas.


'Femme fatale'

Linoleum print. Limited edition of 20.



Handpulled three colour screenprint handfinished with acrylic ink. Limited edition of 20. Available in my shop


Two colour handpulled screenpint. Limited edition of 10. 


Two colour handpulled screenprint. Limited edition of 20. Available in my shop