New: workshops!

Published on 27 March 2023 at 20:17

For a while I wanted to focus on giving workshops. At first I was mainly thinking of giving stencil art workshops, but the possibility to give a screen printing workshop presented itself earlier.
First of all there was 'Class of experiences' by planga for the streets (P4TS), an event in collaboration with Urban culture center Quardin, Hogeschool Rotterdam, Mesh print club and Municipality of Rotterdam. Its third edition took place on March 19, 2023.

With this initiative, P4TS wants to reach young people and inspire them to work on their dreams. They did this by following masterclasses and workshops on the themes of music, videography, photography and fashion.
Within the latter theme, six young people received a screen printing workshop from me at Mesh Print Club. They designed their own logo and printed it on a t-shirt. The shirts are incredibly well designed and printed and with that my first workshop was a fact!

A second workshop soon followed: 20 girls printed their own design on a shirt and bag. I've got the taste now. So if you are interested in making and printing your own design: let me know!

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Emma Lewis
10 months ago

hi there,
I don't suppose you would be available to do a t-shirt screen printing workshop for 20 people on Saturday 2 December would you ? We are travelling to Rotterdam as a work team and want to do something team building :-)