Here you will find a selection of the work I have made in recent years. If the work is for sale at a gallery a link has been included. Feel free to contact me for inquiries. You can also find more work on my Instagram and Facebook page. 

'Femme fatale (2023)'

Painting on 30x40cm canvas. Available in my Etsy shop

'Sophia Loren' (2024)

Screenprint and spraypaint on paper. Available in my Etsy shop

'Forever blowing bubbles'

Handpulled screenprint handfinished with spraypaint. Available at 1DROP Gallery

'Femme fatale'

Painting on canvas. Limited edition of 3.

Available at 1DROP Gallery.

'Like a prayer' and 'Like a virgin'

Linoleum print and spraypaint on used cardboard. Dimensions 20 x 30 cm. Unique prints, different colors available in my Etsy shop

'I know it's over' (SOLD)

Painting on 60x80 cm canvas.

'Geisha' (SOLD OUT)

Handpulled three colour screenprint handfinished with acrylic ink (wood panel).

'Graffiti amore' (SOLD OUT)

Sophia Loren. Handpulled screenprint and spraypaint. Limited edition of 8. Originals sold out. Prints available at Art Heroes / Werk aan de muur.


Handpulled screenprint & gold acrylic paint on wood panel. Limited edition of 5. Available at Etsy

'Debbie' (SOLD OUT)

Handpulled three colour screenprint with the image of Debbie Harry (limited edition of 10). 


Two color handpulled screenprint. Limited edition, available in different colors at Etsy

'Linda Evangelista' (SOLD)

Stencilart painting.  

'Geisha' (SOLD OUT)

Handpulled six colour screenprint. Limited edition of 10. 

'Sophia Loren'

Painting, limited edition of 10. Available at Gunther Galleri


Handpulled three color screenprint handfinished with acrylic ink. Limited edition of 20. Available at Etsy.

'Daydream flip'

Collaboration with PØNK. Handfinished screenprint with acrylic spraypaint. Available at 1DROP Gallery


Collaboration with PØNK for Go Gallery

'I know it's over'

Print release based on my earlier pop art painting. Available at Gunther Galleri.

'Audrey Hepburn' 

Two colour handpulled screenpint. Limited edition of 10.